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We carry a full range of high quality pet food for cats, dogs and birds of all ages and of differing health requirements. We also stock grooming, training, and health products and supplies. Below is just a sample of the brands we offer.


    We know how much you love your pets.  We offer a large variety of high quality dog and cat foods that will keep your pet healthy and happy.  Whether you need food for your puppy or kitten, older dog or cat, or pet with special dietary needs, we have it.

    Nutro Natural Choice

    Nutro Max Cat

    Chicken Soup

    Science Diet





    Country Value

  • Dog and Cat Supplies


    Like to spoil your pet?  We have what you need!  We also stock many vaccines and medicines so your pet can live a long, healthy life.

    Feline Leukemia Vaccines

    Hamilton Collars and Leashes

    Pet-Cal supplements and vitamins

    Kong Toys & Stuff'n

    Feed dishes/bowls

    Advantage & Frontline flea & tick remedies

    Auto Waterers

    Puppy vaccines

    Training treats, biscuits & bones

  • Birds and Bird Supplies


    Whether your looking for a new pet bird, you want bird food to attract wild birds, or have a feathered friend close to your heart, we've got that covered too.  Call for availability.


    Parrot, Cockatiel & Canary food - Pre-packaged & bulk

    Vitamins, supplements & antibiotics

    Nesting hair

    Cuttle bones

  • Rabbits and Rabbit Supplies


    From rabbits, to rodents, to fish, we have stuff to take care of them.  We usually have pet rabbits for sale as well.  Call for availability.

    Kritter keepers

    Rabbit & more feed - pre-packaged & bulk


    VitaKraft drops

    Rodent food (bulk)

    Harness & lead sets

    Pine bedding

    Fish Food: Tetra min, Nutra fin, Betta min

    14 & 24 oz. bagged timothy & alfalfa

    Aqua Max Pond Floating Fish

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