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In season, we sell a variety of chicks. We carry a complete range of feeds and supplies from name-brand manufacturers for -- poultry, hogs, cattle, and other domestic animals. In addition to poultry feed for for birds of all ages, we stock specialty feeds for exotics, such as emus. We also stock necessary equipment, such as feeders, waterers, and incubators. Below is a partial list.

  • Poultry Feed


    Whether you have laying hens, meat chickens, or game birds, we have a wide variety of feeds to suit your needs.


    Meat Bird

    Poultry Chick Starter

    Jose Guerrero

    Layer 16 Crumbles

    Pico de Gallo

    Layer 16 or 20 Pellets

    Pigeon & Pigeon Pellets

    All Purpose Poultry

    Turkey/GameBird Grower

    Dual Purpose Poultry

    Turkey/Gamebird Starter


    Family Pet? Grand Champion Hog? Bacon?  We have a feed for that.

    Pig Feed

    Farmers Pot Belly Pig

    Mazurri Pot Belly Pig

    Commercial Hog 16%

    Pig Starter/Grower

    Showtime Hog Combat

  • Cattle Feed


    Sure you can raise your cattle on pasture and hay, but sometimes you need that extra edge for a show steer, or a little help with raising your calves.

    Calf Starter

    Calf Milk 25# and 50#

    Dairy 16

    Showmaster Calf Finisher

    Showmaster Steer & Heffer

    Sweet 12

  • Sheep Feed


    Are you in 4H? FFA?  Want a 1st place Lamb?  We'll try to help you get there.

    Purina Lamb Developer

    Power Phat

    Showtime Complete

    Start to Finish

    Showtime High Energy

    Adv. Lamb Milk

  • Goat Feed


    For thousands of years, goats have been used for their milk, hair, skins, and meat throughout much of the world.  Whatever your use, a good feed goes a long way.

    Farmers Lactating Goat

    Boer Goat Developer

    Kid Milk

    Bicarbonate of Soda

    Purina Goat Chow

    Purina Goat Mineral

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