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-Used and recommended by 100 California

 veterinarians and 40 veterinary clinics


-Comparatively tested, approved and

 used by the University of California,

 Davis, and Louisiana State University


-Forco feed supplement is a dependable,

 safe product that improves gastrointestinal

 efficiency, absorption and metabolization.







Worldwide research, field trials, case histories and product comparisons clearly indicate that FORCO is exceptionally versatile. It is a dependable digestive aid that actually improves gastrointestinal efficiecy, absorption, and metabolization. It usually saves more in feed costs than it costs to feed. Conditions that

have been alleviated or corrected by improving digestion and nutrient absorption include:



          - Colic

          - Diarrhea and constipation

          - Flatulence

          - Intestinal stones (enteroliths)

          - Consumption of dirt or feces (Coprophagia)

          - Cribbing

          - Arthritis

          - Immunity dysfunctions

          - Temperament problems

          - Slow healing and recovery

          - Weight loss

          - Slow learning



FORCO is exceptionally versatile, economical and consistently effective. By keeping the intestinal track healthy and flowing, FORCO assists in preventing and correcting many health and life-threatening problems, including colic, diarrhea, weight loss, allergies, and toxic reaction.

We carry Forco in 3 sizes -


                      - 5 lb. Pail

                      - 10 lb. Pail

                      - 25 lb. Bucket




     - Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast culture

     - Aspergillus oryze fermentation extract

     - Bacillus subtilis fermentation extract

     - Dried lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product

     - The natural, raw-food enzymes, amylase, protease lipase, and cellulase

     - Cultures that feed the natural and beneficial internal microorganisms

Feeding Directions



     - Foals and Weanlings 1 oz. per Day

     - Lactating Mares 2 oz. per Day

     - Idle Horses 1 oz. per Day

     - Working Horses 2 oz. per Day

     - Severely stressed horses start at 4 oz.

       per day for one week, then level-off to

       2 oz. per day until improvement; after

       that, use directions for regular feeding

       amounts for maintenance.




Forco Feed Supplement and Digestive Aid represents the state of the art in digestion nutriceuticals. It is the most effective, field-tested product of its kind. Its all-natural products include premium-grade cultures and enzymes that are exceptionally durable, can tolerate ambient and internal temperature extremes, humidity, long-term storage, and the stomach's extreme pH (acid bath).


Forco is one of the few pure and all-natural products on the market. It is dependable, stable, and safe. It does NOT contain live microbial or live-cell yeast, due to their perishability and inconsistent performance, and it does NOT contain drugs, fillers, carriers, preservatives, or by-products. It does NOT contain: alfalfa or forage meals; rice bran or hulls; soybean meal; wheat bran; beet pulp; molasses; ethoxyquin; BHA, BHT, or animal by-products.






Most digestive aid products are effective only in the fore gut or early portion of the digestion system. This is especially true of microbial products. FORCO is unique, because it is designed to be effective throughout the entire alimentary system, from the mouth through the colon. This is a critical consideration for horses: the cecum portion of the hind gut that digests most of the forage fiber (hay and pasture) and carbohydrates, and then the colon absorbs and/or synthesizes and absorbs vitamins, minerals, volatile fatty acids and amino acids. Because it addresses the entire digestive process, horses respond to FORCO when they do not respond to other digestive aids.


FORCO supports the natural intestinal development of the critically important fermentation process and production of digestive enzymes. It feeds and stimulates propagation of healthy microorganisms to support them in their omni-present war with pathogens. It adds neutralites and supplements enzymes that help digest proteins, fats and fibers. FORCO'S cultures feed specific, life-supporting microorganisms (flora and fauna) that naturally populate the gastrointestinal tract. FORCO helps the "world within" to sustain:


          - Internal ecological balance (homeostasis)

          - Absorption, assimilation and metabolization

          - Intestinal pH balance

          - Vital motility (movement) and peristalsis (contractions) of the intestinal tract




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