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November/December Sales

Brian Higby - Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Finally!! Our November/December Sales are posted! Head over to our Sales page to see what's discounted. We have sales on........


-Apple Elite Electrolytes

-Iams Cat Original

-Miller Duraforks

-Petmate Dog Houses

-Taste of the Wild Dog Food

-Dirty Dog Doormats

-Bear Mountain Premium BBQ Pellets

-Fly Masks

-Red Barn Ham Bones

-Muck Boots

-Purina Equine Senior


Sales are good through Dec 31st 2014 while supplies last. Thanks to all of our great Customers for your support! 

November/December Newletter

Brian Higby - Sunday, October 26, 2014

WHEW!!! Our Customer Appreciation Day was a huge success! For the “sale” we paid the sales tax for you that day. Then we had several vendor booths, some of them offering coupons, and all with information about their products. We had a variety of food all day long, from Denise’s homemade cinnamon rolls and scones, to pizza and sausages, to several appetizer dishes that Denise kept sending out that wowed us all! Everyone was pleasantly surprised! On top of all that, there were several raffle prizes given away! Thank you to all the vendors that were here and also to the ones that supported our special day with raffle prizes, etc.!!!





A short two and a half weeks later, we sponsored a Dr. Stephen Duren lecture. Steve is our longtime friend, owner of Performance Horse Nutrition,and the designer of the LMF horse feed line. He travels all over the world developing feeds for horses in their particular environment. Then he matches the feed to their dietary requirements eg. Performance Horses, Breeding Stock, Race Horses or even “old Betsy” in the back yard..… you name it! The LMF we carry is designed especially for us here on the west coast, based on the type hay we have available and what minerals are short or abundant. Steve’s lecture addressed the question “why so many choices when it comes to horse feeds?” The short answer is, to meet the needs of a variety of different horses! Horses are like people in that they are not all the same. Some have metabolic challenges and need a low non-structural carbohydrate feed. Others need hi-energy and fat to keep up with their energy output! Some are older or just have trouble digesting their food. Young growing horses have special dietary needs. Due to new technology, improved Veterinary care, and Senior feeds, horses are living longer than they used to! Not unlike humans, a longer life means more health issues to deal with and sometimes dietary changes. The list could go on and on. As research reveals certain feed changes can benefit a certain condition, and it is felt there is a reasonable demand for it, a new feed is offered. Following the lecture was a question and answer session. We have had Steve visit several times in the past and the question and answer session is always a big hit! Many good questions came up and were answered. Around 50 customers enjoyed the evening!


Denise out did herself in the dinner presentation. We served Chicken Marbella and a Butter-nut Squash Lasagna. For desert there were four different flavors of Cheesecake and a Gluten Free cake that was delicious! Thanks Denise for your hard work and imaginative menus!





We recently merged our POS system with the accounting program in the office. Scott has been a bull dog, not letting go until it is right! As you may already know this is no small undertaking. Nothing in the computer world goes entirely smooth. We have been working out the kinks. Thanks Scott for implementing this change! In the long run this will give us better control of our inventory.


Thanks to our wonderful customer base for making all of the above possible! Roland 

September Newsletter

Brian Higby - Monday, September 01, 2014

Busy Fall!!! Seems like there just aren’t enough hours in a day to get everything done! We have our Customer Appreciation Day coming up in just a couple of weeks.....Saturday, September 27..... and are we ready?????


I just got back from a two and a half day training session for Powder River products in Provo, Utah; really helpful! I already knew most of the facts and selling points about the gates and panels, but still learned more! The highlight of the class was going out to a ranch where they had several different cattle systems set up for us to actually run some cattle through. We operated several different squeeze chutes.....all of them worked really well, but the obvious favorite was the hydraulic chute. Really nice!!! Three 6 inch levers, one for the head gate, one for the tail gate, and one for the squeeze is all it takes! We talked about cattle behaviors as a herd animal and how taking their instincts into consideration for the design of the different working systems made them calmer while being handled. I didn’t realize they thought about all this!


Something interesting to me was some of the guys with a lot of experience working cattle said the heavier duty manual chute would be their choice because they could actually work cattle quicker with it. Powder River has a new model that is really sweet! Although it is a manual chute, because of its rack and pinion design requires minimal effort to run. Something that was emphasized over and over again is how dangerous the cattle can be without the proper equipment. Think about it.....1300-1600 pounds of muscle that doesn’t want to be taken away from it's buddies and corralled. Seventy five percent of the class had either been injured or had a close call while working cattle highlighting the importance of having proper equipment. It was also pointed out that over a 6 year survey 75,000 people had been injured by cattle. Remember these are the ones that reported it! That makes being killed by a cow 28 more times likely than being killed by a shark! What is sad is many of these were friends and family of the cattle owner who were pitching in and helping work the animals that day. Also emphasized, and I know this is true, is that there are Powder River gates and panels that have lasted through 3 generations and still operating well. They are just built strong! Anyway it was a very informative class. Scott attended this same class earlier this year and told me it would be well worth my time to go. Scott and Nicole just returned from a Wheatbelt show in Kansas City. You may or may not remember Wheatbelt is a large buying group we belong to. There they made purchases to keep the store stocked with competitively priced merchandise. Like I said, we are busy! So, back to the Customer Appreciation Day.....will we be ready??? We will indeed! Look for a fun filled day with lots of goodies and nice sales!




After feed prices trending down for the last couple of months I see the first signs of a reversal. We had our feed price lists showing up with price increases. Not terrible, but up across the board! The soybean harvest hasn’t happened yet, so there is a temporary shortage of protein. This problem should soon fix itself and prices will come back down. I am going to ride it out for a couple of weeks and not change prices just yet. If they do not come back down soon we will have to follow the market. Hay is holding steady, some of it even softening in price. We aren’t in a good position to take advantage of this because we need a big pipeline to keep us supplied with hay. Keeping good quality with ample supply is our emphasis. Usually this time of year hay starts going up.....go figure!


Anyway, busy is good! We appreciate you keeping us busy. See you on Customer Appreciation Day!




Our October Newletter With Our Regular Monthly Sales Will Be Out Soon!

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