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July/August Sales

Brian Higby - Tuesday, July 25, 2017


The new specials for July and August are up! Check our the Sales page for more details. We have sales on...


-Bronco Equine Fly Spray

-Rugged Ranch Galvanized Feeder

-Easy Peezy Stall Freshener

-Horse Health Ivermectin

-Farnam Supermask II

-Taste of the Wild Dog Food

-FirstMate Canned Dog and Cat Food

-Kong Dog Toys

-OxBow Small Animal Hay

-Kaytee Dried Meal Worms

-LMF Senior and Low Carb Senior


Sales are valid through August 31st, 2017 while supplies last, unless otherwise noted. Hope to see you soon!


July/August Newsletter

Brian Higby - Tuesday, July 25, 2017




After a late, late start to our hay season I can finally give you an accurate report of how the hay turned out. I was really expecting the Rye and Grain Hay to be “rank”, a term used for hay that is left growing past when it should have been cut. This happens when spring rain prevents cutting the hay and the warmer weather promotes growth. Evidently since the winter continued into April... the Rye and Three Way Grain Hay didn’t have that early spring growth spurt we usually see. The result is these two hays are excellent quality and are feeding quite well. The Oat Hay did get a little larger stemmed but it is still nice and seems to feed well in most instances. We just recently started getting 3rd cutting Alfalfa. We try to have enough of the previous year’s Alfalfa to take us to 3rd cutting. Why not use the new 1st and 2nd cutting Alfalfa? Wouldn’t the new hay be nicer and fresher than last year’s? Well, yes it would be. The problem is that most of the Alfalfa we sell is for horses. 1st cutting Alfalfa is far too rich in protein for horses and may cause digestive issues. 2nd is less rich in protein but is typically higher than later cuttings. The other issue is alfalfa goes dormant during the winter so the weeds can compete and be present especially in the 1st and sometimes into the 2nd cutting. Many of these weeds are noxious weeds and quite damaging if not fatal to horses. Cattle, and to a lesser degree sheep and goats can tolerate these weeds better, and dairy cattle produce more milk when given a higher protein Alfalfa. There you have it in a nutshell why we always hear “use 3rd and 4th cutting for stocking your barn.” The new Mountain Grass and Orchard Alfalfa are just coming in and the quality is bouncing around a bit. Things should stabilize soon. It’s probably too early to say but it is looking like straw may be in short supply this year until the new rice straw comes in in September or so. Overall the nice rainfall we had this past winter seems to have helped the overall quality of the hay. Kind of nice!





Mark your calendar! Our annual big event is just around the corner. Join us for good food, good deals, prizes, and who knows what else? This fall is the anniversary of the Grand Opening of our new store in 2008. Can you believe it has been 9 years? We have been in business since 1984...33 plus years! We hope you can join us! Watch for more details!




A few weeks ago Denise and I took a ride by the dam to take a look at the water level. How nice it was to see the water still within just a few feet of the crest of the glory hole! I thought you might enjoy this picture I took on July 3.


Glory Hole



Thanks for your business!!  Roland



May Sales

Brian Higby - Friday, May 12, 2017

We're still working on our normal newsletter and Sales coming up.  Here's a couple of deals for the month of May in the mean time.



Nutri Source Dog Food 33 pound bags and larger are 3 dollars off!



Mallard Creek Shavings and Beddings are on sale too! Shavings are $5.39 ea, Comfort Blend $4.99 ea, Mini Flakes $4.99 ea, Stall Pellets $4.99 ea, Rice Hulls $6.79 ea.


These sales expire May 31st, 2017.


Hopefully we'll have more deals soon.  See you at the feed store!


On a side note. New Three Way Hay is in and looks great! Come on in and check it out.



March / April Newsletter

Brian Higby - Saturday, March 25, 2017




Remember a couple of months ago when we were hoping we would get good rainfall this winter? Wow, did it come through! Our average rainfall here is around 16 inches a year. So far this year we have more than doubled that amount! Lake Berryessa filled up and spilled over the “Glory Hole” (if you didn’t know this is what locals call the spillway for Monticello Dam). At its peak level it was three and a half feet over the top of the Glory Hole! That was several weeks ago, today it is still about six inches over. This has only happened a handful of times since the dam was built in the 50’s. I can remember driving up to witness it spilling over every few years since I was a child. Here is a picture of what it looks like.....quite majestic!



We needed the rain, but I know it presented a challenge for some of you. It was indeed a lot at one time! The good news is we are out of the drought!




Recently livestock feed pricing has inched upward slightly. This is due to rail shipping problems caused by the snow. Hopefully as things settle down prices will move back down. Hay is relatively stable. We have run out of some types, but still have a nice selection for you to choose from. It is too early to say how our new hay crop will turn out. Do you realize in years past we have been cutting hay already in March? This year it looks like it is still a few weeks out. We will just have to hold on and see how things play out!




Starting this year we have new regulations regarding over the counter antibiotics for treating livestock. Overall this is a good thing if you have followed the rise in human diseases that are resistant to antibiotics. However this does present challenges to raising livestock, as we all have to adjust.


Scott and some of our staff have been attending seminars and other discussions on this subject. He is going to share some of what he has learned and hopefully this will benefit you! Thanks again for your continuing business! Roland




On January 1st of this year the USDA implemented new rules governing the use of oral antibiotics in livestock. All medically important antibiotics used in or on feed and in drinking water will now require a Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) from your veterinarian, like a prescription. All low dose growth promoting antibiotics are no longer allowed. Our feed suppliers have taken out prohibited antibiotics from their feed and replaced it with approved non medically important antibiotics and coccidiostats, which has made it an easy transition for our customers. Water soluble products, like tetracycline and sulfamethazine that many of our customers have used to treat illness in livestock, now also require a VFD and are no longer available at Higby’s.


With these new rules in place we want to remind our customers of the importance of preventing disease and maintaining healthy animals by use of proper animal husbandry practices. Developing a vaccine and deworming program with your Veterinarian and following an appropriate feed, mineral, and supplementation program will help to keep your animals healthy. Clean drinking water is often overlooked but is also extremely important in keeping disease out of your livestock. Also, using probiotics in all animals helps them maintain healthy gut function which enables your livestock to fight disease and remain healthy.


We have diligently educated ourselves about the new regulations and have researched products and practices that prevent disease. After our poultry seminar last summer we learned of the importance of vaccinating our chicks at hatching and supplying them with electrolytes and probiotics when they arrive to eliminate the need for treating unhealthy birds with regulated antibiotics. This year all of the chicks we have brought in to sell have been vaccinated and proactively given electrolytes and probiotics. These preventative measures have resulted in very low death loss and extremely healthy birds for our customers. If you have any questions about the new regulations or need help with preventative practices please come in and talk to our knowledgeable staff and we will be sure to help.


Hope to see you soon! Scott

March / April Sales

Brian Higby - Saturday, March 25, 2017

The new specials for March and April are up! Check our the Sales page for more details. We have sales on...


-Speedi-Beet Quick Soaking Beet Pulp Flakes


-Safe-guard Equine Worming Paste

-Rubbermaid Troughs-select sizes

-Country-Vet Flying Insect Kill System and Metered Refills

-Purina Equine Senior

-PetLock Flea and Tick Prevention Treatment

-Purina Dog Chow Large Breed

-ZuPreem Bird Food

-Nutro Max Adult Cat Food Chicken ~ 16lbs.

-jw Dog Toys


Sales are valid through April 30th, 2017 while supplies last, unless otherwise noted. Hope to see you soon!

January/February Newsletter

Brian Higby - Thursday, February 09, 2017



The big news recently has to be the rain!  We are over 25 inches so far and it is looking like crossing the 30 inch barrier isn't out of reach.  I was checking the Lake on-line this morning and it has just 8 feet to go before it spills over the "Glory Hole."  If you have never seen this before, it is worth the drive up.  A few more heavy rains and it will be there!  The next newsletter should be around the first of March, I will let you know how it is then!  We are very, very wet, but thankful that we are not seeing any flooding right here at the store.  I hope your places are ok!


Glory Hole




With year end paperwork etc. we failed to get the newsletter out on time.  What I decided to do this time, is just put an abbreviated version on our website and then get back to normal with the March/April newsletter.  We have all been very busy here at the store and with our families.  All is well though, and 2016 proved to be an excellent year for us!




Feed and hay prices are remaining stable and have been like that for several months.  I like that!  Steel, such as fencing, tee posts, and gates etc. is trying to inch up a few percentage points.  We are making some early "Spring Buys" to help us postpone raising prices for the time being.


After another good year we want to express our thanks to our customer base!  You make it all happen here......thank you!



November / December Sales

Brian Higby - Friday, November 25, 2016

The new specials for Nov/Dec are up! Check our the Sales page for more details. We have sales on...


     -Muckboot Company Mudboots

     -Powder Creek 12' Panels

     -German Horse Muffins

     -Sand Purge Psyllium Pellets

     -PetLock Flea and Tick Prevention

     -California Natural Dog Food

     -Zukes Dog Treats

     -Kaytee Dried Mealworms

     -Evo Premium Dog Food

     -Assorted Kids Toys

     -Purina Equine Feeds


Sales are valid through December 31st, 2016 while supplies last, unless otherwise noted. Hope to see you soon!

November / December Newsletter

Brian Higby - Friday, November 25, 2016




     It is hard to believe it but it is almost December! In fact by the time you receive your newsletter it will be. Here at the store it has been a busy year! We have finally finished up with the fire sprinkler company. When we built the new store in 2008 we needed fire sprinklers to meet code. Did you catch that? Yes it has been over 8 years that we have been in the new store! At that time, code allowed us to have an audible alarm on the front of the store and no further monitoring. We just added some storage areas on both sides of our feed barn and now code required all that to be equipped with fire sprinklers as well. The code now says our system has to be monitored so now we have audible alarms everywhere and the fire department will be called if the system is tripped. This is all good stuff, it just costs a lot of money...but it is all done now and we are on-line! I think they call this progress...


     We probably won’t get it done this year but we will be adding two more point of sale registers at our front counter. To start with we will probably just do credit card transactions at these two additional work stations and that will help tremendously because 85 to 90 per cent of all our sales transactions are on plastic! I think they call this progress too!..We will be expanding our counter area which will help you get your product and go more quickly.


     As December comes to a close, we will be working on getting the year end inventory counts for tax season. Keeps us busy but it is all good!




     The end of October we started getting some nice rain events. Not a lot to measure yet, but a nice start! I hope the storms keep on coming. At least the pastures and hills are greening up...beautiful!




     Everything is stable with feed prices at the moment. There are always fluctuations in the bird seed markets, but corn, oats and the like are stable. Hay took an expected small increase as all the hay started coming out of the barns. It appears for now anyway, that there shouldn’t be any surprises as we work through winter. I say this tongue in cheek, because plenty of times the market has drastically changed in a relatively short time.


     I just ordered a fill in load of wire. Recently we also filled in with a partial load of t-posts. Everything is stable there too! I like it this way! Hope it continues...




     Thanks to all of you that made our Customer Appreciation Day a success! We really enjoyed it! The day was near perfect, Scott’s pulled pork made excellent sandwiches, and the best part is all the staff enjoyed visiting with many of you on that special day! We noted that not only was this a way for us to show our customers how much we appreciate them, but it made the staff feel like they were an integral part of what we do here. And why not! They are indeed! We feel that we currently have one of the best crews we have had in a long time.


     Scott and I are always ready and willing to listen to your ideas on how we can do better! Mari, Gary, Scott, and I (occasionally Dana and others join us) have meetings every Thursday morning to review how we might be able to improve our customer service. We try to think of experiences we have had at any place that offers customer service. We then share what impressed us or what was irritating. We then try to prevent the negative things from happening here and of course make sure we make the positive ones happen! If you have a suggestion please pass it along!


Thanks as always for your continued business!



September/October Newsletter

Brian Higby - Friday, September 30, 2016



          It’s almost here.....mark your calendars! We are having our annual Customer Appreciation Day Saturday October 8th! There will be goodies all day long so set aside a little time to come enjoy the fun! On the 8th we will pay your sales tax for you! We have received items from our vendors to use as door prizes and there will be some manufacturer representatives here with more deals! We will be serving Denise’s home made creations and Scott’s awesome BBQ on the new patio in our front yard! This is our main event of the year and we really enjoy it. Why? It gives us the opportunity to say thanks to all of you for being our customers.




          The roof structures are up, but we are still working hard on the finishing touches to get ready for winter! Wow! Can you believe it? It’s that time! Time to find room in the barn for all those items that were just fine sitting outside all Summer long. We have had a few struggles with getting the sprinkler system to pass test. I think we are just about there..... I hope so anyway! Once that is done I will feel comfortable pouring a little concrete that will make things much nicer this winter. Then... we will be truly ready for winter! Denise reminds me... “are we ever ready?”




           This year’s hay season is coming to a close. Soon all that will be available is what is in the barn. How do we look this year? The Oat, Oat Mix, and Rye hay all were affected by late rain this spring resulting in a crop that might not be as shiny as some recent years. Between these three types of hay, most of you have been able to find one that works for your situation. It is interesting that out of the three Rye seems to be the best looking. However your horses might prefer one of the others! We just have to let our animals be the final judge....

          Alfalfa is excellent, Mountain Grass is probably the best it has ever been, and Orchard Alfalfa is working well. It looks like there might be a slight price increase as we move to barn stored hay, but overall I don’t expect prices to be excessively high this winter.




           Livestock feed is really reasonable right now. It did some shifting down, then up, and now finally down. It looks to remain stable for a while now.

Well that’s it for now! Again, we look forward to seeing you at our Customer Appreciation Day October 8th!!! DON’T MISS IT!


          Thanks for your business!



September / October Sales

Brian Higby - Friday, September 30, 2016

The new sales for Sep/Oct are up! Check our the Sales page for more details. We have sales on...


-BBQ Pellets

-Galvanized Garbage Cans

-Showsheen Hair Polish and Detangler

-Apple Elite Electrolytes

-Kong Pet Toys

-Verus Life Advantage Dog Food

-Ox Bow Small Animal Products

-Annamaet Adult 23%

-Fussie Cat food

-Buthcher's Block Bones

-Purina Equine Senior


Sales are valid through October 31st, 2016 while supplies last, unless otherwise noted. Hope to see you soon!

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